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The Perfect Team To Build

Your Company Web Site

WordPress Customization and Web Design.

What We Do

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WordPress Customizations

You have a WordPress website and you need your logo, your color scheme, or your content loaded into it. You want your content changed or even some community pages built. We have years of experience specializing in real estate websites.

IDX Broker Setup

IDX Broker setups can be a little tricky. We do our 22 point setup and make sure your IDX pages match your WordPress real estate website. We can change the styling and do customizations for you so your site reflects your professional image.

IDX Addons customizations

IDX Addons from RealtyCandy are a great way to get more out of IDX Broker and WordPress. If you want Nearby Listings, Similar Listings, Community Data Graphs, or even LeaderCRM. We can get it setup for you and customize it to match your branding.


How We Do It

IDXGuys provides a modern approach to workflow. We use Upwork. You post a private project, and hire our IDXGuys Agency to work on it. Then you will be in direct contact with our developers.

We recommend that every day you reach out to the developer and let them know how you feel about the changes on your project. Please include links to URL’s and screenshots with your updates, so we can see what you see.

Our developers will also contact you each day with an update so you can provide feedback and information that is needed.

By you working directly with the developer, we don’t really need a bunch of project managers. We feel that this will make your project run faster and save you time and money.

We ask our developers NOT to take phone calls because phone calls can be very time consuming and there is not a “paper-trail” of what needs to be done. We recommend that you make a video and share it with us instead of a phone call. That allows us to see what you are referring to.

Some of Our Most Recent Projects

Clients throughout all the united Estates.

WordPress Costumization


WordPress Costumization


WordPress Costumization


Our Clients